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WELCOME to Simple Social Brand!  Be sure to keep your eye on your inbox for more and updates on announcements and training details.


In this site you will find info on sessions including our call recordings, resources, guides and additional bonuses that I add along the way.


This site will be a work in progress as we move forward but at any time, if you have any questions, suggestions or requests as to what should be included here, I’m open! Please email the team directly at support@freshlystated.com or you can post a message in the private FB group.


SO happy to have you here!


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Session Info & Recordings

Session 1 – Target Audience & Platform


In our first session we will be kicking things off with a share of our goals and struggles when it comes to social branding and we’ll take inventory of the core questions everyone has around social in general.  We’ll also have a worksheet to document where we are so that we can look back and see how much we’ve grown along the way.  


Click here to download the Brand Clarity workbook


Click here to download the Client Avatar worksheet


Click here to download the Dream Client workbook


Click here to download ICA Elizabeth for Belong Mag


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Call Date 9/4

Session 2 – Brand Story and Story Banks


In this next session we’ll review your target audience and assign a draft of your brand story so that we can learn about story banks for connection and engagement and also review the power of strategic calls to action in your posts. 


Click here to download your week 2 assets

Call Date 9/11

Session 3 – The Art and Science to Creating Your Simple Social Strategy


With the right tools and approach, creating your social strategy can be simple and easy to execute. In this training we’ll review my hidden secrets on creating an engaging feed to attract a tribe and grow your impact.  This is one you do not want to miss! 


Click here to download your week 3 assets

Call Date 9/18

Session 4 – Post Planning


In this next session we’ll dig in to planning your posts and useful tools and resources to help save time and keep things as simple as possible. 


Call Date 9/25

Session 5 – Visual Strategy


This week will be an implementation week however we will cover Q&A’s and review some accounts for case studies and inspiration.  I’ll help you to get through areas you may be stuck or even review your account to give you feedback on tweaks you can make for improvement. 


Click here to download the checklist

Call Date 10/2

Session 6 – Implementation & Final Q&A


This week will cover any final Q&A’s, review my findings on your social brand audit and give you any additional resources you need to keep moving forward.  


Click here to download the checklist

Call Date 10/9

BONUS Recording – Finding help when needed 


This is a bonus training recording on how and when to find help when you need it.  How to determine the right time and how to find the right fit to help you with your social posting because help, is NOT a one size fit all approach. 


Click here to download the bonus interview checklist